Gunma Prefecture’s antenna shop “Gunmachan-chi” is working on PR of Gunma Prefecture as a “base for disseminating information on Gunma Prefecture” in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
At the 1st floor shop, you can feel the charm of Gunma prefecture while you are in Tokyo through the sale and experience of Gunma prefecture’s special products and specialties, and also provide tourist information, information to travel agencies and the media, and support for interviews. I will.
At the 2nd floor restaurant “Ginza Tsuru”, we convey the charm of “food” in Gunma prefecture by cooking using carefully selected ingredients from Gunma prefecture.

About Gunmachan-chi

The name “Gunmachan-chi” literally means “Gunmachan’s house” (Gunmachan is our prefectural mascot). It was the winning entry in our naming contest. Japanese speakers often put “-chi” on the end of a friend’s name as a warm and colloquial way to refer to someone’s home, and we wanted our place to capture that same feeling of “dropping in” on a comfortable and homey place as we strive to serve as a hub of communication between Gunma Prefecture and the Tokyo metro area.

About Gunma prefecture

Located less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo, Gunma Prefecture is known throughout Japan as a land of countless hot springs (particularly in Kusatsu, Ikaho, Minakami and Shima), as well as a place of abundant natural beauty–typified by the Oze area.
We are also known for our exceptional food, including Joshu wagyu beef, Shimonita leeks, Tsumagoi Kogen cabbage and other agricultural products; flour-based local cuisine like okkirikomi and mizusawa udon; and of course grilled manju buns, the classic comfort food loved by Gunma locals.
More recently, we have also gained attention for our historical and cultural significance, thanks to the Tomioka Silk Mill (registered as a World Heritage site), and some of the best tumulus sites in eastern Japan along with their haniwa clay treasures.

1F Shop

Here you can find a wide selection of the best specialty products from Gunma, including famous confections, local sake, silk goods, traditional handicrafts, and more. We also have tons of tourist brochures on natural attractions, hot springs, food, and other things to see and do in the prefecture. We also regularly hold promotional events featuring the different parts of the region.
Our Takasaki Daruma dolls greet visitors as they walk in–we’re famous for producing more of them than anywhere else in Japan!

2F Restaurant“Ginza TSURU”

Visit Ginza TSURU to enjoy the best cuisine Gunma has to offer–like sukiyaki or shabu-shabu made with Joshu wagyu beef. We have both table and counter seating as well as private rooms available, making Ginza TSURU the perfect venue for everything from a casual meal to your next party or gathering.